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    The overheating doesn't have to do with your distro...

    I have an alienware laptop also, when i first got it i ran it for like 30+ hours straight, finally it auto-shutdown itself because the processor was overheating (it does that automatically to keep it from being damaged (this was under xp, it doesn't give you the overheat message like linux does), however i wouldn't recomend testing out that fact)...

    it slowly got worse, i tried new thermal grease, everything, tech support, they kept saying to check if there was dust on the vents, there wasn't on the outside grill (and they were really adament that there was nothing wrong with the computer, it had to be the vents because it passed all their diagnostic tests). Read alot of places on the internet where people were bashing alienware laptops saying they were all POS's and overheated and there was nothing you could do...

    so finally i was like "screw it, I'll check the fan inside the heatsink"... I ran water through it (yes, I know people are shreaking at this thought probablly, there's not really any reason not to, it's alluminum, and I let it dry, i've had it over a year and do this all the time, never had a problem)... a HUGE clump of dust came out of it (I use it for djing so apparently the tops of alot of the places i'd put it had that carpet material like you see on porches, the hard surfaced fuzzy but not fuzzy that it would block the fan). You might want to use compressed air if you don't like the thought of using water, I do this whenever it seems to be running hot, and it fixes it for... at least 4 months, probablly more, depends on how much dust is around your laptop and whether or not you're using it on carpeted surfaces, always use it on a flat surface, maybe invest in a cooling mat... prety much clean out the processor fan, I'm almost 100% sure that will fix it, haven't had any other problem with it except the button that puts the system into standby when you close the lid sticks, that should fix your problem though.

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    Unhappy Mandriva 2006 overheats Lenovo T43

    I have a new Lenovo T43. It came with Windows XP pre-installed. XP can work freely for hours wth no problem. I installed Kubuntu on it (dual boot) and had overheating problems (as well as problems connecting to wireless networks). I then replaced Kubunto with Mandriva 2006 (power pack), and still, after about 1-2 hours of simple web browsing the laptop overheats to the point of getting stuck.

    I am now in search of a solution.
    Didn't find it here

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    I'm sure one of those users found the solution:

    Sometimes just having the latest BIOS version helps a lot (new fan probe tables).
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