I am trying to install MDK 10.1 on a PALMAX PD-1000 mini-laptop. The PALMAX has 64 MB mem, 6.2 GB disk, external floppy - and no CD ROM.

I have created a 2GB primary FAT partittion to host all files requirted - however, try as I may, I am unable to copy the complete installation set (3 CD content) to the HD for installation.

Starting the installation (GRUB image) , and switching to alt1, I made progress past the "select partition containning the copy of the Mandrakelinux Distribution", where it prompts for the "Distribution install source" ("/"). It then goes on to report an error "I need the /install/stage2/live/" directory.

What now? How do I install for such a setup?

Thanks much for any help....