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    Laptops with Pre-installed Linux

    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a new laptop. I have been using linux on my old PC (p4 cpu) for couple of years. Had some bad exprience with that, so I want to go for laptop with preinstalled linux rather than installing one myself.

    I would be using it for all kinds of linux development (inturn in VM) such as driver programming, GUI based appl, embedded linux kernel source - cross compiling etc.

    I would like to have your suggestions. Thanks

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    See ZaReason, Inc. - they ship internationally if you need.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums, Poonga!

    Check this webpage for a listing of dealers that sell laptops with Linux pre-installed. They also have a listing of dealers that sell laptops with no operating system installed:

    Linux Laptop Resellers

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    Last I knew, amongst the "name brands" , you can get certain Dell laptops preinstalled with ubuntu or certain HP business laptops preinstalled with Novell/SuSE... If you get on your knees and beg and plead with the right salesperson.

    But IMHO you're far - FAR - better off looking for a laptop that isn't necessarily pre-installed with linux but at least "supported" on it by the mfr. That expands the list greatly and includes a number of Lenovo (IBM) and Toshiba models. Then get someone local to install it for you or DIY.

    In my 20+ years in the IT world I have never yet encountered a pre-installed OS (OS2, Windows, etc) that was worth keeping. It boils down to one thing: Their goals for installing it aren't the same as your goals for using it.

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    I agree fully with Phred
    specially if you plan to do anything with development
    then I rather recommend to buy a laptop by its features you need or love
    and chose a brand that typically is supported by Linux.
    The last many years I used various Acer (acer ferrari 4000/5000 and different acer travelmate models) and they all were fully supported by openSuSE Linux (and other dist most likely as well)

    Now I have a HP elitebook workstation 8740w that is Novell Linux certified and yes ALL was working out of the box when using the openSuSE download DVD (all except fingerprint reader and mobile broadband until now).

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    Yes, what the others said...install it yourself on Linux-friendly hardware...

    but I've bought from EmperorLinux before and was impressed w/their Linux load. Also popular is System76 but I've never bought from the.


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    Look at they have several models that come with Ubuntu installed. I have a Serval7 but have replaced the Ubuntu with Gentoo. Runs great. Although, I have not used the HDMI output yet.

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