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Thread: No GRUB?

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    No GRUB?

    First post, hi guys ^.^
    Installing Android-x86 on my eeepc, boot from SD and install all goes fine. Asks if I would like to install grub<yes> does its thing, says it found windows and would I like to create a GRUB entry for it<yes> and from there I can run Android or install a fake SD card. If I run Android its fine but to install the fake SD it needs to reboot.
    When exiting from Android or rebooting after installing the fake SD it automatically loads into Windows with no question or sign of GRUB being there at all.

    I did search for this for about the last two hours until finding this forum and spent a good 30 minutes or so looking for this issue on here as well.

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    Post is kinda confusing but here goes nothing.

    If Installing Adnroid to SD card and grub to SD card. Hit ESC key ad pick SD card from boot menu.

    (I am confused about the fake SD stuff)
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    Sorry, the ISO I have already has GRUB in it. When I get to the boot menu it only gives me options to run Android live without installing or to install it again, and from the HDD selection it doesn't let me select my previously installed copy of Android.

    The fake SD card business is because some apps in Android require an SD card to install but of course from the phone this isn't an issue but on the computer it needs a virtual one. Kinda like a virtual cd-rom for playing a game that requires the disc without it.

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    If I read correctly.
    You have MS Windows and Android installed on an internall hdd, but when you boot to it there is no GRUB ?

    Boot into the installed linux and post output of 'fdisk -l' -l=small L and post what partitions are what.

    Do you know if Android uses grub legacy or grub 2 ?

    If grub was installed it might be in the '/' partition, then just need to make that partition active/bootable, if it is a primary partition.

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    I got it figured out, I read that ext3 was the best format to use but I decided to try it out in ntsf and now it all works fine. I've already figured out getting apps on it and having it work as a pretty functional os. Once I can find a way to switch screen orientation I'll be happy with it. this topic can be closed if a mod likes, I'll make a new one about how to make it function good incase others would like to do this. Also keeping this posted on

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