I recently bought a new hard drive (seagate momentus XT) and a new battery for my first gen MacBook Pro. I installed the latest version of LinuxMint (Julia) with the LXDE user interface. Everything is working swimmingly, except for one thing -- the battery life is terrible! I have been getting just short of two hours for each battery charge (which was calibrated after opening).

I investigated how much power was being used with powertop, and to my amazement, 28W of power was being used in an idle state (CPU operating at lowest frequency possible)! I tried installing cpufreqd, laptop-mode, and pm-utils. I adjusted the laptop-mode settings in laptop-mode.conf, as well as the other configuration files located in /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/, but I only made slight improvement on the power usage (23.5W on the lowest CPU frequency setting).

Is it possible to decrease the amount of power usage for the MacBook Pro with other utilities? What am I missing here? Is it normally that bad? I have heard that the hybrid drives like Momentus XT might use more power... but I can't imagine it would be that much more. I would like to continue to use LinuxMint, an otherwise stellar operating system, but if I can't get the battery life to improve for at least 3 hours, I may just have to reinstall Mac OS X.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!