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    After Installing SuSE on my Laptop Windows XP is unBootable!

    Hii all....
    am having a really bad problem with SuSE linux Personal 9.1
    and im seeking everyone's help right now i hope that someone can...

    well here is my problem... and keep on mind that im not an expert with the Linux so please provide me with a smooth soulution for my problem...

    Im using a Fujitsu-Seminse Laptop
    P4 HT 3.2
    RAM 512
    Hard Disk 75GB
    Already Installed: Windows XP Home ED.

    I have 2 Hrad Disks.. One Primary (master) 50 GB and the Other Logical 25 GB
    The Logical HD has nothing on it...

    I installed The SuSE Personal 9.1 on my machine..
    I changed nothing during the installation and I noticed that the Instalation installed SuSE on the Primary HD after rePartitioning it into 25GB and 25GB..

    any way... both my Primary and Logical HardDisks were NTSF before I install SuSE

    My Problem Now is... After Installing SuSE LINUX Personal 9.1 the "Windows XP is no longer Bootable"!
    SuSE is working PERFECT !! but when I chose the Windows from the GRUB its start Booting the windows XP then it stops and gives the following:

    Root (hd 0,0)
    Filesystem type unknown
    Partition Type 0x7

    NTLDR is missing
    Press ctrl+alt+del to restart

    When I press the ctrl+alt+del it restart but nothing fixed! and I looked for the file NTLDR on my PC and copied it on a CD the I wanted to paste it on my Laptop! BUT i found the NTLDR on the folder (i386) and I also found it on the C HardDisk where my "unBootable windows XP installed"

    So Can someone now please help me with booting the Windows XP without formating or losing any data! and if there is no way to fix this problem is there a way to remove the SuSE and return my Laptop to its original features ?!

    Thank you very much for help...[/b]

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    When you cross post it becomes confusing to both answer your question and for yoou to listen to the answers. Please see the replies in the SUSE forum
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