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    Linux crashes when pcmcia wireless card is inserted

    Im running Fedora Core 3. On an hp pavillion ze4400 laptop. I have a linksys wireless card and when i plug it into the system it freezes. And i have to reboot. I had the exact same problem on mandrake linux too. Any ideas on how to make this thing work? thanks

    PS im pretty new so sorry im im slow

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    What kind of Linksys wireless card is it, and what were you doing at the time? (also which kernel version are you running? you can check this by typing "uname -r")

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    Doesn't help, but I have the same issue with a Microsoft card under FC2&3.

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    Im running Fedora Core 3 the kernel version is 2.6.9-1.667 and the wireless card is a Lynksys wpc11 version 3

    i don't think the card is the issue though because i have tried other wireless cards and i get the exact same problem

    when it crashes:
    if i put it in before the computer boots it freezes when linux starts up the pcmcia services

    if i put it in after it boots it freezes instantly

    thank you so much

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    It sounds like there might be some kind of a short in your pcmcia slot have you had anything work in the slot even under another OS (windows)
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    nope its not that cause the card works fine under windows

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    Same problem... any solutions??

    I have the same problem. I am currently using a bridge because I can't get the system to boot with *any* pcmcia wireless cards. I've tried 3 different netgear cards, a linksys, and an orinoco classic card. Anytime the card is in during boot, the system hangs at pcmcia startup. Anytime the card is plugged in, it hangs the system.

    I have a compaq presario 2100 amd, running FC3.

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    Post subject: Same problem... any solutions??


    do you use another nic? if yes, try to change the interupt .


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    fedora core 3 hangs when I insert a pcmcia wireless card

    I have the same problem with fedora core 3, when I insert a wireless card my laptop hanhs and I have to reset it.

    I don't know what to do, interrupts looks to be fine

    dmesg does not say anothing useful


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    already fixed


    i have the same problem with my pcmcia nic. Once the system didn't shutdown clear, and now I can't boot with my nic plugged in. How did you fiex this problem?

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