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    Distro for netbook

    Which distribution of linux do you have on your netbooks and why?

    I have HP Mini 5103 (Intel Atom N550, 2 GB RAM) and I am looking for a linux-based (and maybe netbook oriented) distro that satisfies:

    1. It has a reasonable speed.
    2. Everything will work on my netbook out of the box, or it will be quite easy to fix it.
    3. I can run there and install there aplications such as GNU R, LaTeX with TeXmaker, Emacs, Mplayer, Octave, Maple.
    4. I have nothing against the design of Unity desktop or Kubuntu Plasma Netbook desktop (actually I like it), so desktop can be similar to these two workspaces.

    Now I have Linux Mint Debian, it's a great distro. But there is some issue with CPU frequency (it runs only on 1GHz) and I was unable to solve the problem.
    I have also tried Ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks, but it hase the same CPU problem, it seems to be quite slow (searching aplications, running aplications, ...) and there were some things that was weird - I was unable to set time to the format "18:00" instead of "6 pm" and changing icons in leftside bar seems problematic.
    I realy like Kubuntu Plasma Netbook desktop but it was very bugy and in my opinion it is much more slower than LMDE.

    Thank you for suggestions!

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    I use AntiX on my EEEPCs because it does not take up a lot of space,has smxi, runs Debian Testing, and I am just comfortable using it and all my hot keys work as well as wireless. YMMV.

    I know another member here who likes Crux on his Netbook. I guess it all depends on what you are comfortable using and configuring if running into problems.

    I consider Ubuntu 11.04 lately as being too heavy for Netbooks. Just my opinion though. Other members mileage may vary. For your CPU issue. Have you looked at Jupiter?

    A distro you might want to check out and try maybe.
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    The Mint family may be a distro that you would like to check out.
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    Go to and do a search for netbooks. It will return a list of netbook suitable distro's. Have you tried EasyPeasy?
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