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Thread: Old Laptop

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    Old Laptop

    This could be an interesting quesiton. I recently got my hands on a very old piece of kitit is a Toshiba Satellite 320CDS. I have just installed Fedora Core 3 onto it. Now got a few things i cant get working. First thing is i have no idea how to get the infra red to work so any help here would be greatly appreciated. This will be used for making a conneciton using my cell phone.

    I also cant get the bluetooth working. This will be a bit harder as it is a Widcom bluetooth USB adapter (orange branded) any drivers or links to guides on this matter would be greatly welcome.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    is it a toshoboe? i have the same IR port.
    try using irda

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    Would love to have irda working but having never run Linux on a laptop before so am a bit lost as to how to get the irda prt one read and two used to attach a cell phone too (dont worry once i get the ir com port working i will be fine with modem settings )

    How can i find out what IRDA device i have and if it is working or not?

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    Thankyou for the links. Looking like a step in the right direction. I see along evening of typing and installing ahead

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    Can I enqire if you have the IR working, and if so how. Im using a toshiba satelite pro 4200series with the same IR Port

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    I have to admit i did fail on ths little project i ended up throwing the laptop across the room (unrelated issue) but got a nice new Dell now and still haivng issues getting it to work. Guess im either really bad at this or just unlucky

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