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    Distro which supports samsung netbook n130

    Can anyone help? I have a Samsung N130 netbook which has Windows XP installed. I want to install Linux but have not had much luck finding a distro that supports the netbook. Experiences so far:
    Ubuntu and Linux Mint - wireless card identified but unable to see my router only my next door neighbour's. The router's a Belkin 54 and can be seen by the netbook when it's running Windows, my daughter's iPhone, my son's iPhone, our wii and my Kindle. I guess this means it's working ok. I can enter details manually and both distros say they are connected but come up with a random IP address in the 10.x.x.x range. The router does DHCP and is giving out 192.168.2.x addresses.
    Ubuntu netbook remix - hangs on the try/install screen
    The new interface doesn't seem to work properly
    Centos - doesn't detect the wireless card. Doesn't come with GCC or make so I can't even try to install the card drivers.
    Puppy Linux - get siocsifflags permission denied error. Forums say to use ndiswrapper which I've tried but get the same message.

    The wireless card is a Realtek R8192

    Has anyone actually managed to install a Linux distribution with a working wireless card on this netbook. If so, which one and did you have to do anything to get the wireless card working?
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    mikul101 Posted: Fri 09 Jul 2010, 07:29 Post subject:
    Jemimah is there an eta for fluppy 4 as I have the same issue with the Samsung N130 which has the same Realtek RTL8192E wireless card?
    Jemimah Posted: Fri 09 Jul 2010, 09:49 Post subject:
    Probably two or three weeks. I want to release Puppeee, then build Fluppy 004 from Puppeee 1.0.

    I may be convinced to post that driver sooner though
    Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic - Fluppy 013

    Posting from a external 4 gig SD linux card install. Support for your

    The wireless card is a Realtek R8192
    is built into Fluppys kernel by Jemimah.

    The current kernel version is I add rfkill, preempt, usb-3, hibernate, hypertheading, runtime power management, kernel modesetting, samsung laptop, line6, and optimize for Atom processors. 3rd party drivers included are ndiswrapper, keucr, wl, rtl8192se, rt3070sta, acerhdf, tkusb, and backported brcm80211. I also add the Poulsbo backlight patch, patch the elantech driver so it can be disabled, and patch the eeepc-laptop module so the Eeepc 700 series can be overclocked.
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