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    Compaq Armada 1750

    Well, my dad just passed down his old armada to me. It's in perfect condition and has windows 98 installed. The only problems with it are: it's got a 4gig hard drive(I'm hoping to work around this), only 64megs ram(upgradable to 192) w/ ~400megahertz pentium II, one usb 1.1(which i will only use with my ipod if it's even compatible. it's not a problem if it's slow) and no cd burner(which isn't that big of a deal unless I need to burn more .iso's). I was wondering what version of windows takes the least ammount of space because I want to have it on there for school and some very old games. Which is best; 98, 98SE, NT, NT workstation, NT server, 2000, or XP Pro? I am also going to install linux. I know that this is an old computer so I wasn't sure which distro is best. I'll probably end up using fluxbox as a window manager regardless of distro unless you guys think KDE/GNOME will run ok with 64 megs of ram. The distros I already have Burned to cds are: RedHat 8, RedHat 9, Yoper 2.1(do i even have and i686??) and Slackware 10. Which distro will run best. I plan on doing very small installations with each distro in hopes of having approx. 100megs of shared space between the distros (is that possible? VFAT Partition?) My only other concern is that my PCMCIA card won't work. on my current laptop it didn't really work in redhat 9, but I didn't try too hard to make it work. I've been told that it is supported by ndiswrapper. Could i use ndiswrapper to get it going?(I will DEFINATLY need wireless with this so which ever distro supports wireless/ndiswrapper best would influence my choice. also feel free to suggest other distros than the ones that I already have.) I think thats enough for tonight. I know thats quite a few questions but you guys have been a great help to me thus far in my linux career. Thanks in advance!
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    I installed Yoper on my Compaq Armada M300 with almost no issues ... however it is a bit ahead of the box you described (PIII 600MHZ, 340MB of RAM, 40GIG hard drive etc.)

    The one problem you might have is when setting up the monitor settings - in Yoper, SaX didn't configure it properly until I told it to treat my monitor as a "PResario INtegrated" type

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    yeah, i think I'll give yoper a try and if that dosent work I'll go with redhat...
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    You might also try Ubuntu.

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    well, I tried Slack, it turned out to be alot of trouble, so I put on win2k and gave it to my sister...she probably wont want it when she realizes that there's only 64 megs of ram...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoserWithCause
    only 64 megs of ram...
    What I'd do for 64MB RAM on a laptop ;

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    yeah, with wondows on, the thing CRAWLS but with linux, it still dosen't really fly, but it's perfectly reasonable for what I do
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