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    Augen E-Go Mini Netbook


    I have never used Linux before and would like to learn.

    I have an Augen E-Go Mini Netbook that has Microsoft CE 5.0 installed on it. I purchased it in early 2010. The company had said it was designed specifically for that OS. Is there a Linux distro that I can install on it?

    I am not savvy with programming yet but I would like to learn some programming languages and programming on linux. I'm pretty much brand new. Just trying to read as much as I can to get caught up.

    These are the specs:

    "Processor: 533 MHz Magiceyes POLLUX 3520F 32-bit CPU (ARM 926EJ)
    Monitor: 7 TFT LCD (800*480) True color image display.
    Keyboard: Standard 80key keyboard and touch pad.
    Memory: 128M DDR1.
    Storage: 2GB Nand Flash on board.
    Sound card: AC97 sound card
    Speakers: 2 X 0.5W.
    Network: 1) 10/100MB ethernet port.
    2) Build in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g).
    Operating System: Embedded Windows CE 5.0
    Card reader: 1 X SD/MMC
    USB Port: 2 X USB 1.1
    Measurements: 8.50L X 5.50W X 1.25H (inch)
    * Windows CE OS is limited to mobile
    applications and does not support adobe
    flash player & Windows Media Player 9 or
    * The E-Go Netbook is limited to preinstalled
    applications. No downloaded
    application can be installed.
    * Limited streaming video capabilities."

    It also has faulty Internet access, that worked initially, but then cut off within the first month.

    I'd have to load any new OS from a flashdrive. There is no CD drive.

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    You won't find much help with these cheap netbooks and it will be even harder with

    I have never used Linux before
    Not your fault and I am not dis-respecting you. It just takes some major hacking to shoe horn a size 12 linux distro into a size 7 arm chip netbook and most forum members don't own a linux hacked arm netbook. With all that said.

    Augen E-Go booting Linux - Hack a Day

    I also saw one entry on Augen's wiki site that said it is not possible to install linux on the units that come preinstalled with CE. Some Augen models came with Linux pre-installed. So I take the wiki entry with a frain of salt.
    I don't know where the linux image for Augen is though and I don't know if the netbook is locked out from booting from external drive either. I run eeepcs because they are easy to install Linux on. It actually looks dismal for a in experianced linux person to just install linux on one of these netbooks which are just a glorified pda.

    That is the only thing I have to say on this and I wish you luck and I love to be proved wrong.

    Happy Trails, Rock
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Thanks, Rock. I was just curious if it was possible, so I could start learning on it before I bought a new system. Since it seems I'll need more experience to do that, perhaps I should just get a new inexpensive device.

    I'll check around this thread to see the recommendations for a good laptop to learn linux on.

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    ...perhaps I should just get a new inexpensive device.
    If you're gonna look for something with a small price tag, and use it to begin your Linux experience, here's a suggestion.
    Most models from Acer or ASUS will work really well with Linux. And if you search through Newegg, you'll find that they have a fair number of refurbished models for a bargain price. Any one of those should work well for what you need at this point.

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    I have an Augen genbook, and as has been said, it would take some major hacking skills to get linux on it.
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