I have a MacBookPro5,1 Intel Core 2 Duo system. At one point in time, using the rEFIt boot loader, I was able to triple boot the system between Mac OS X 10.6, Windows 7 (64-bit), and Fedora 12 (64-bit).

A while back I decided I wanted to upgrade to Fedora 15. I can't remember everything that happened. If I recall correcly the last thing I did was to try a clean installation from a DVD. This left me with a system that would not boot into Fedora

I was now interested to see if I'd have any better luck with Fedora 16. I made a created live installation on an USB thumb drive. I tested the drive on another system, so I know it can boot. I tried using it on my laptop, and I got to an installation screen that started displaying a bunch of garbage.

Research indicates this appears to be an issued with the kernel and the nVidia graphics adapter on the laptop. It looks like this issue has existed for a while, (found back on Fedora 14). I'm wondering if there is any point in trying to get Fedora 16 to work on this system.

What do people know about how viable it would be to do a clean install of Fedora 16 on my MacBook Pro?

If this kernel/graphics adapter problem the only thing preventing the installation from working, when could I expect this issue to be addressed, so that the installation will work properly?