AND: it's a dual boot setup, with Win2k on the "other side."

Everything "over there" is just fine, including WiFi with an SMC2835W (v.1) card. Not so here in 'drake 10.0. Have pressed Prism54 into it, messed for hours now with only a blinking"Link" light as reward. Really-really reluctant to use NDIS wrapperstuff, so is there a comprehensive (to a noob) set of instructions for getting it to work? RH9 saw it after kernel updates but I like 'drake for this Tosh thingie and am hoping to be able to stop goofing with it and start to ~work~ using WiFi.

The Realtek chipset NIC is fine (as I'm using it now to access the 'net thru a Smoothie box and have access to all the other boxes [WinBlows and Linux] on my LAN , so no awful network probs.

Any good step-by-step instruction?