I recently received a new Averatec C3500 laptop/tablet. I used partition magic 8.0 to get a 20 gig partition to install linux on. Try as I might I can not get any linux distro installed successfully. If you have any luck please Email Me
Distros I have tried to no avail.

* Suse 9.2 & 9.0 Regular and Text mode installs just go blank and hang
* Mandrake 10.1 Regular and Text mode installs kernel panic
* Fedora Core 2 & 3 Regular and Text mode installs kernel Panic
* Gentoo 2004.3 live cd will boot but thats about it.

Update 12/9/04
Downloaded Fedora Core 3 today. Followed advice posted in this thread Laptop still kernel panics on boot with a message about not synchronizing. Anyone? Anyone?
This was posted by a coworker of mine on his blog i thought i would see if anyone else has had luck getting a distro working on a tablet pc since he has not gotten anything to work. thanks