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    Input/output error? Acer Aspire One 722-0022

    Hey all,

    Just got a new netbook, wiped it clean and decided to make a little gentoo project with it.
    (Acer Aspire One 722-0022).

    Anyways, I was trying to install gentoo using a unetbootin usb stick, and after about a half hour of tinkering around, I suddenly was unable to do any kind of work in my mounted SDA partitions. Couldn't ls any of my directories, had no write permissions, etc.. just gave me an Input/output error. This happened multiple times after many of reboots, and also happened on a different hard drive (Wasn't the most reliable, had found it at work... was ditched because it had a corrupt windows install on it). I'm not exactly sure how to pinpoint the issue here. Could it have been bad hard drives? My harddrive controller, bios firmware?

    I'm not exactly an expert with unix based systems, so any insight would help greatly.


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    Hello and welcome.

    You are right, it would need multiple tests to find out the faulty hardware.
    The harddrives are the most probable, but it needs proof.

    If you have access to multiple computers, harddrives and maybe a external esata/usb3 <-> sata harddisc adapter,
    then my suggestion would be:

    1) You said, you used two harddiscs in that laptop.
    Connect them to a known good PC.
    The above mentioned external adapter is handy for that.

    2) Insert a known good (but expendable or empty) harddisc into the laptop

    3) Boot both laptop and PC with a linux live CD.
    As you are installing gentoo, you already have such a disc.

    4) Identify the harddisc devices to test
    fdisk -l
    5) Run badblocks to find errors.
    badblocks -svw <harddisc-device>
    6) Get a coffee, go see a movie. This will take a while

    7) If PC or laptop show errors, then you can deduct which part is faulty.

    badblocks -swv is *DESTRUCTIVE*
    It will overwrite the device with 4 different patterns (and verify those).
    So be very sure, which disc you use.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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