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    trouble installing ubuntu on MSI CR400

    My MSI CR400 laptop used to run on windows 7, until I got rid of it and installed Ubuntu 9.10. The reason I had to install 9.10 is that it was refusing to boot from the live cds of 10.04, and the USBs of 11.04 and 11.10. Very disappointingly, it's still misbehaving and refuses to boot from a xubuntu 12.04 USB. I really have no clue what's going on. No error messages come up, but the installation, and sometimes even the trial run, just get stuck. Please help me out.Thanks in advance!

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    How did you create the xubuntu usb? Have you tried it on another computer to ensure that it works? If you had windows 7, I expect your machine isn't that old? Have you been able to start the installation? or do you not get to the point where you get the option to try or install? I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "trial run"?

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    You may be having problems setting up the usb flash drive. A simple solution is to use pendrivelinux's universal usb installer available here: Universal USB Installer Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux

    Also, be sure you have your computer Setup (also known as the BIOS) set up so that your boot device (CDROM drive or USB flash drive) is first in the boot order. To enter Setup on your computer, press the Delete key repeatedly during computer startup.

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    Sorry, I realise I was being rather vague. I created the USB using Unetbootin-578. I tried the pendrive on 2 of my friends' laptops - a toshiba satellite and a new samsung model. It works fine, and installed properly on both. By trial run, I mean the result of the option 'Try Xubuntu without installing'. My laptop is only about 2 years old. Even while trying Xubuntu from the live USB, or Ubuntu 10.10 from the live cd, the system gets stuck. No error message pops up. It usually gets stuck before the GUI is even fully loaded.

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