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    ASUS Q200 Netbook Touchscreen Project

    Hello guys,

    I just bought an ASUS Q200 Netbook with a touchscreen. I refuse to run windows 8 so I am going to be installing Linux. I currently dont need any help but figured I would post progress reports and ask questions about this project here.
    I am sure that getting a driver for this touchscreen will not be easy and I would like to try and keep that functionality, but I am not easily defeated!

    Anyway, the first step is to chose a distro and I guess that is probably just preference. I have done most of my work on fedora... so I might stick with that, but I haven't researched desktop linux distros in a while, so that is the first step.

    Will report back soon with my choice!

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    Well... To start with something im familiar with I think im going to go with Fedora. Now to figure out what tricks I will need to dual boot with windows 8...

    AAAANNNND it looks like I get to wait a week for Fedora 18 Beta release, which will have the secure boot update. Guess I have to live with windows 8 for a week. :/
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    Heh! Your timing is perfect on this new thread!

    I just bought a new PC today on "Black Friday", it has Win 8 on it and I was creating a Boot-Image DVD for Fedora 17 when I read your posts. I just a few minutes ago completed the DVD and went to boot to it, and it gave me a "Secure Boot Error".

    Without your posts I would have had no idea what the error was I was getting, nor what to do (wait a week as you said?).

    Are you going to preserve your Win 8 partition and have a dual boot? I guess I don't know the value of leaving a small Win 8 partition on, just in case, nor how to go about it.

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    you might want to have a look at this:
    www DOT theregister DOT co DOT uk/2012/11/21/linux_foundation_secure_boot_fix_delays/

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    Yeah, that's something. This also has me spooked:

    https bugs dot launchpad dot net/ubuntu-cdimage/+bug/1040557

    I'm not installing Ubuntu, but I was checking it out as an alternative as it does have "Secure Boot". I do have a Samsung NP300E5C, which is mentioned in the bug report, and I sure don't want it to seize up. I'm not sure all of this is due to "Secure Boot" or UEFI in general, but I'm going to disable "Secure Boot" (can't disable UEFI as Win8 doesn't work) and fall back to Fedora 17 to see if it will work.

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    That launchpad link is *definitely* scary. Hope all goes well with the Fedora install.

    I'm not courageous enough to risk bricking (yet another) laptop. It gets expensive.

    This UEFI issue may take a while to get settled -- as likely by a judge as by an engineer. Til then I'll stick with dual-booting Win7 / F16 on old hardware.

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    I cant even get it to boot off of USB! Dont know if its a distro issue or UEFI...

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