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    Smile ACPI not detecting AC Adapter State (Any linux distro)

    Hello everyone!

    I am having an issue with detecting the AC power adapter state. I have a samsung series 5 laptop that came pre-loaded with Win 8 and I decided to ditch it for OpenSuse. After installing, I noticed that ACPI would not detect when I would plug in the AC adapter unless I suspend the PC and wake it up again. I then explored other versions of linux and observed the same problem with Fedora, Ubuntu and my present distro, Linux Mint.

    I have a lot of experience with Linux as a user but I am learning how it works in the back end,

    I went snooping around in that var/log and picked up the following from Syslog. The laptop has booted with the power adapter unplugged.

    May 14 19:47:11 dave-s5slpt kernel: [ 1.373942] ACPI: AC Adapter [ADP1] (off-line)

    When I plug it in, the status remains unchanged.

    I am currently on Linux Mint.

    Any input on how I should approach this would be appreciated.

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    I too have the same problem. Linux cannot tell the battery charge state or AC adapter state on my Acer. My best guess is that the peculiarities of ACPI are different for each pc and (likely) controlled by proprietary drivers. Or, at least, different enough from one pc to the next, as to be non-standard, and therefore, unknown to the clever kernel developers despite their best attempts to make it work on every pc.

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    That makes perfect sense, it skipped my mind that the drivers where made to accommodate multiple platforms and I did not think that there were that many differences between each Bios.

    Thanks a lot for your reply and not that anyone mentioned it but I will post my thread in the right forum (my platform is not a netbook)


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    Yes indeed. Keep poking around. If you find out anything, be sure to let it be known. I am sure others have the same issue.

    Peace and Cheer.

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    I have got the same problem with OpenSuse 12.3. With OpenSuse 12.1 it was working without problems.
    Looking to get a solution I have tried different acpi commands. For example acpi_listen gives feedback for all of the tested functions, but in the case of ac-adapter doesn't work.
    Also I have tested some of the acpi commands like "acpi -i" or "acpi -s" but only the "acpi -V" seems to force the change and is generating the correct acpi status.

    This result give me the impression that the daemon of acpi (acpid) is not installed in the right way by the setup procedures of "OpenSuse 12.3".

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