I recently ran (live) Linux Lite (ubuntu-based) on an eee PC1000HE

The netbook's LCD is 1024x600, but it can have a 1024x768 virtual display, that pans a little bit up and down when you approach the upper and lower limits of the screen's physical limits with the mouse pointer. (it is very practical for hiding all the lost real-estate wasted by the top of the window, top banner ad, etc, on web pages, and not losing any part of the screen to that, as you can have that part panned off to the top)

However, there is no option in Linux Lite to set the resolution at 1024x768. it only offers 1024x600.

The [Fn] key, used in conjunction with other keys, to change some parameters, only works with screen brightness. Other functions are not enabled (turn on/off wifi, sound levels, change resolution, video output to port and/or screen, etc.).

Is there something from ubuntu repositories that I can install, in order for this to all work as it was designed for?