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    ACPI Problems with Dell Notebook

    Hi everyone,

    I've been having a bit of trouble getting ACPI functioning properly on a new Dell X300 notebook (Bios version A0. I'm running Debian Sarge (Kernel 2.6.9).

    Ok, so I've followed the instructions found on - I've downloaded the DSDT file for my bios from their database, decompiled and recompiled it with the Intel ASL-Compiler, fixing a ByteAccess error (see fix_broken_dsdt at I've patched the kernel with the 2.6.9 patch found at acpi.sourceforge, which applied successfully.

    After recompiling the kernel, the acpi errors that I was getting at boot disappeared, but the battery indicator in Gnome (the whole reason for this) stops at 28% when the power is plugged in, and drops to 14% as soon as the plug is removed. In /proc/acpid/battery/BAT1/info, it indicates that the battery is fully charged (at 28%). I can't find any reference to this on the web.
    There seem to be several ways to get ACPI working that are published online, but I can't find a great deal on consistency in these documents regarding what to do AFTER you've got your fixed DSDT,hex file. And there are different patches out there as well. Can anyone give me any help on this?

    Thanks a lot for reading this,


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    I think all I really need is the patch to allow the kernel to read a custom DSDT table - the only patch I can find is for Kernel 2.4.18. It did not appear to patch correctly.

    Does anyone know where I can get the custom DSDT patch for Kernel 2.6.8 or higher?



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    Oh well, I have sorted it out now - I used parts of Pedro's config file found at ( and did about 30 mins of chopping and testing, finally getting it to work with most ACPI function supported.

    Thanks heaps to Pedro for putting up with my emails and for the helpful advice! I've now got acpi support for an X300 Pentium M 1.4 (BIOS A0 with 1152 MB RAM, Kernel 2.6.9 should anyone want a copy of the config and the correct DSDT table.


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    I have just got a new X300 with the A08 bios. Would you plase tell me how to fix this annoying battery thing? /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state always tells me:
    remaining capacity:      0 mAh
    present voltage:         0 mV
    I'd be very happy if you were to post your configs.

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