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    [Work in Progress] - Transitioning an Motion LE1700 to a Mint Box

    Hi folks,

    I'm working on this project to transition my LE1700 tablet pc from Windows XP to the fine world of Linux.

    This computer is my primary drawing machine and I use it to create small sketches and modify graphics. it's been pretty easy going working with it.

    I've put Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon on it and got everything updated, also played with the themes and added a couple applets, like adding the multiple workspaces, adding the System Profiler and Benchmark.

    So far I've not had any real issues with this machine except I don't know how to configure the keys on the tablet itself (has a total of 10 keys) and the laptop's wacom pen is not functioning properly at all.

    So I've began reading into this whole 'x' system thing? I'm not totally sure about all of it yet but I think that there's something about this and the whole pen/tablet/tablet keys things being messed up.

    Might be because these things are not configured properly or I don't have the right drivers installed?

    So I'm gonna set this thread up as a sort of WIP-Blog to show the process and progress of me trying to work with Linux Mint Cinnamon.

    A log of trial and error, and if anyone has any tidbits of knowledge they'd like to pass! I'm gonna appreciate it and I'm sure others around will too!

    Thanks for reading

    edit - this is a continuation from my 'hello' thread in the coffee room.

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    To get the pen working there are two items that you will need: 1. A driver. 2. Firmware.

    Please post the output of the commands "lspci" and "lsusb" here so we can see exactly what you have and can better advise you.
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