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    Problem while installing linux on Acer E5-573G-58B7!

    It's been a while I'm trying to install linux on my notebook, but nothing I do really works. I tried with Mint first and now Ubuntu, but the errors are the same.
    I followed several tutorials teaching me to change UEFI to Legacy, disable security boot and other things like that.
    I also have Windows 10 installed(I'll try dual boot before fully dive into linux), but I do not think it's related with my problem because the error happens in the first installation screen.

    To be quick, when I use UEFI boot the screen is that:
    And when I click to install(try without install gives the same error) that happens:
    this black screen just stays forever and I need to reboot

    Now, when I try to install with Legacy boot, that happens:
    sorry about the image quality, but in this case, it doesn't show me options, the screen just change into it:
    This screen stays forever too, I also nedd to reboot manually.
    I was told to change acpi=off but it didn't help(Unless I did something wrong)

    Well, that's it. I don't know if this problem is commom, I didn't find it otherwhere, so I'm creating a new post. I really want to get near linux, but believe me, that's becoming a lot harder than I expected
    Thanks for reading that!

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    Pictures do not work for me, thus I have no clue what's going on there. Did you try everything suggested here:

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    Oh, I was running away from the BIOS(still have a little bit of fear), but that was the problem, you are very precise even without the pictures hahaha. I updated it today from version 1.25 to 1.37 and Linux is now working. Thank you so much for the help!


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