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    nvidia, twinview and X window...I'me lost.

    I have a problem with twinview and the configuration of XF86Config-4 file.
    I first don't manage to configure it in order to use a nvidia driver. Can it come from a hardware problem (i have a toshiba S3000-X4 laptop)? (the device is not found...)
    Can I use twinview all the same with another driver?

    Last question, when I quit X-window my screen remains compltely black. Thus I cannot change session, and I must reboot.

    Can anyone give me a help???? (I spend already a lot of time on this both problems,
    but i didn't manage to solve same, well...I should say that i'me not reallly a expert...)

    thanks a lot

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    are you booting into a graphical interface? if so, that might be part of the issue, if not, try ctrl-alt-backspace and see what happens.
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    Thanks a lot for answering. I'm booting in nongraphical mode, when I did ctr+alt+bksp it did as when I want to change session, that is: the screen becomes completly black. However, if I log in again (with the screen black, so I don't really know if I log in) and launch startx, then X-windows restarts normally.
    I reallly don't know what to do.
    I you have any sugestion thanks a lot. (and for twin view as well??)

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    same problem

    i have the same problem , and i dont know what to do... ! ! help plz

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