This is for all owners of laptops from the Asus M6000N series, or people who simply want to make large companies like Asus more aware of Linux and the need to support it.

Those of you who own a laptop from the M6000N series probably are well aware of the poor state of ACPI in linux. In order to have ACPI function, one is required to use a custom DSDT table, which requires a lengthy and largely unnecessary workaround.

This is because the M6000N series of Asus laptops has a faulty DSDT table on the BIOS, requiring the user to manually edit the DSDT table to allow ACPI to function.

A petition to fix the DSDT table, and thus make Asus more aware of its Linux users, has been started by Herman (of the famed Linux on M6N forums- http://m6n.ath.cxforum-1.html).

If you're interested in helping out by signing it, go to and let Asus know you want a fix now!

Mike Glukhovsky