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    How do I disable "tapping" with synaptech mousepad

    You know what I mean right? I can't live with my mousepad that recognizes a tap as a click. Can someone help? Do I need to edit some code?


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    lol.... the tap is the only way....that said look an the synclient

    first of all is that the synaptics touchpad driver may not be installed (that is if there is no manpage available for it and in that case you will need to install it(touchpads do work without this driver...but with limited basic functionality)
    so install the apropriate pkg from here

    man synclient
    also see the
    man syndaemon
    that shuts off the touchpad when typing so that u dont move the mouse accidently.
    so to disable the tap
    synclient TapButton1=0
    however still look at the man page on this because there are many varibles that can be set

    also to start the syndaemon yau simply type
    syndaemon -d
    and that will defoult to a 2 secound delay after keyboard activity is done to lessen this or extend this amount of time type
    syndaemon -i <number of secounds delay>-d
    also to have the syndaemon running everytime that you start the lappie simpli add the daemon to the default runlevel in whatever way that you do that in your particular distro...(in gentoo we do it by putting the executable in /etc/init.d if it is not there already and an rc-update add syndaemon defaulf)

    if this dosnt work for you then you can also place the command
    syndaemon -i <number of secounds delay>-d
    and to simply turn off the tap
    synclient TapButton1=0
    into any script that runs on the start of 'X' /etc/rc.d/local or /etc/conf.d/local.start are good choices depending on distro
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    dupilcate topic locked, please continue discussion in this thread:


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