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Thread: Burnt Fan?

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    Burnt Fan?

    i have recently installed Fedora core 3 on my laptop and as you can probably guess the fan runs constantly. Asisde from diminished battery life i am worried about the fan burning up(i usually leave the computer on because its plugged in most of the time) any thoughts? how long can that little fan spin before it gets tired?

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    How old is the laptop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sether
    How old is the laptop?
    a little over a year

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    Quote Originally Posted by sether
    How old is the laptop?
    a little over a year

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    Well most computer fans have a life in the tens of thousands of hours. I don't know how much yours has been used but it should last a pretty long time. I mean, all it's designed to do is spin for hours on end. If it were a lot older of a laptop I might worry, but it should be fine for now.

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    Can't speak to much for FC3, but I used to have MDK 10.1 on my Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Pro V7010. And my fan where killing my ears, the battery consumtion was extremly high. When I recently switched to Suse 9.2 Pro, the fan is much softer, my battery have almost a double lifetime.

    I have not checked out exactly what the differences between those distros are in the sense of ACPI/APM. In my point of view I am much more pleased now. And yes I do have to set up tons of configurations that differs between the installations.

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