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  • Acer

    31 9.51%
  • Compaq

    55 16.87%
  • Toshiba

    80 24.54%
  • Sony

    26 7.98%
  • IBM

    49 15.03%
  • Dell

    69 21.17%
  • Gateway

    16 4.91%
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  1. #31

    how could you not include HP in your list?

    i own a HP pavilion 4700 series.

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    What Laptop

    Hi you all, I just joined the Forum I'm running a clone Laptop Cebop which has a Uniwill board (like Gericom and the likes) P4 2.4 GHz 512 MB ram, 30 G Hitachi Harddisk, Samsung DVD/CD RW; Floppy (I know outdated...) running on Suse 9.2. Currently trying to install something (I've tried most distros) on a NEC LaVie LC50H/3 Laptop of my girlfriend... Big troubles. No distro seems to work out of the box and I get weird problems like Installation breaking up in various stages... Well that's life. Anyone have some ideas on what distro might work. Oh yeah it needs to support japanese... This is a japanese machine. :)

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    A happy Acer Aspire 1304LC running Suse 9.1 (btw 9.2 freezes on installation) and an old P200/32MB running DSLinux..

  4. $spacer_open
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    I am a sinner...I have an Alienware Area-51m (3.4ghz, 9700mobile, 1gb pc 3200). Yes it runs windows but i do often run ubuntu via live cd on it.

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    Can you run linux off the hd with alienwares?

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    I would imagine you can. The ubuntu live cd and install are basically the same thing. I just havent done it, mostly because the laptop is for games and more of my games work in windows than in ubuntu.

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    Hmmm.. my brand isn't mentioned.

    I have a HP OmniBook XE2, 64mb of RAM and a 40 gig harddisk.

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    I have a IBM R31 it runs Mandrake 10.0 (instead 10.1 because some problems with the fonts on websites with konqueror ) with 376 mb Ram, 40 gig hd. :P


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    I don't have a kind mentioned on the survey or I am not sure of which manufacturer it is. Here it is:
    I am using:
    FUJITSU LifeBook B142 Series while running RedHat Enterprise Linux 9 v3

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    got a bit of retro gear
    its a hp omnibook 2100
    runs at 233hz with 64mb ram 4 gig hdd and flies better than my mates win2k 600hz machine
    im using damn small linux, really cool tool for retro harware as it uses bugger all in the way of resources.
    You know, aliens are going to come to earth in 50 years and kill the hell out of us for DDoSing their networks with this SETI crap
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