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    display brightness problems

    hi, im using a Sony Vaio laptop. and i recently (couple of months ago) installed linux in it. Everything works well, but i cant change my display brightness and it is very dim. And my laptop doesnt have any external/hardware btns to brighten up the screen. Oh, my current distro is SuSE 9.2 pro. Does anyone know how to change the brightness of the display through linux. (When i boot as windows, i can tweek it with the special "fn" keys, but couldnt install those in linux).

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    control center->peripherals->display->monitor gamma tab
    Increase the sliders..
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    thanx for answering (sorry for not replying soon enough)
    well I tried what you said, but its not quite it, it works like when you increase the brightness of a jpg in photoshop, but it doesnt actually increase the brightness of the screen. And the display also looses contrast.
    thnx anyways.

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    Sorry biostm that you're still having difficulties..
    I found this. See if it helps at all.
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    My laptop has the "Fn" key. i can use Fn + Ctrl +F7 or F8 to change the brightness. Does your computer have anything like that. i'm using Fedora 3 and it still works.

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    thnx a lot for your help guys, my laptop does have the fn key, but it only works when i boot in windows. anyways mi harddrive just went bad, and i had to "emergency switch" harddrives to a smaller one i had around so currently i dun have linux. but as soon as i get linux i'll try the sonypi thing u suggested. thnx a lot.

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