I am having trouble with my Toshiba Satellite M30-742 Laptop. I installed Fedora Core 2 on it. Am using nvidia driver for X. The problem is that whenever I swtich from a virtual console (VC) to X (CTRL+ALT+F7), the backlight turns off for a second, and then the screen gets painted properly. Although turning off backlight is not an issue, but it affects the soundcard and modem as well. When I have KDE running and am playing a song in XMMS, if I switch from X to a VC (CTRL+ALT+F1) and then back to X (CTRL+ALT+F7), the sound breaks for the time while the backlight is off. Also the modem stops working as I don't get response to ping requests to external hosts.
The problem is driving me crazy so please help. The details of my setup:

1. Toshiba Satellite M30-742 with a Phoenix BIOS utility.
2. Fedora Core 2.
3. Self compiled new kernel (2.6.11) with ACPI (as APM doesn't work on my laptop)
4. Integrated soundcard and modem (both use IRQ 4).
5. slamr.ko module for the internal modem.
6. Latest ALSA (1.0.8) downloaded from www.alsa-project.org

Will be happy to post any log or configuration file.

Thanks a lot!