I intend to install linux on my toshiba lappy. However, I need to retain the windows xp installation as well (which currently occupies the whole disk). I have a fedora dvd with me.

I think I have the following options .. but would like to know the most suitable way to go about it :

a) I copy my currently important files on CDs, remove everything that's on the drive and then reinstall windows followed by fedora. But, I don't know how to go about formatting the whole drive (does XP have some formatting tool?) Moreover, once formatted, should I start of with a Linux installation or should I install XP first?

b) The second way might be to use Partition Magic, repartition the current XP and then use the fedora dvd. But what about the sizes I need to mention for the partitions?

Another problem with me is .. I am not able to change the boot-sequence when I enter the setup screen. It allows me to change the date/time and the password .. but nothing else. Do I have to go for a bios update? Oh yes, I tried using the toshiba hwsetup but it requires 'some' supervisor password which I am completely unaware of!!

Any help would be hugely admired!