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    mini-itx or laptop

    I'm want to build a little Linux system with stuff I've
    already got, what should I do?
    The stuff (from a Dell laptop);
    CPU: Pentium 4 1700/512 SL6FG, socket mPGA 478 mn
    RAM: 2x128MB DDR-266MHz-CL2
    HD0: Hitachi 30.1 GB (Linux already installed)

    The drives are good with either, but the RAM and chip
    I don't know about for mini-itx.

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    mini-itx boards generally come with processors, some of them are fanless and so quiet, but are quite slow. normally they are embedded as well so its not like theyre upgradeable. on the plus side they are ridiculously small, really cool and quite cheap. if i remember rightly, the board i got was about 40 (600hz fanless) the case was about the same and then i already had a stick of 256 ram. it flies along with suse 9.1 on it.
    guess you know what im recommending
    go small
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