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    Got an old laptop? look here :)


    I noticed lot's and lot's of threads with people saying ' I have an old laptop, what linux distro should I get?' and the answer is there are many, but there are two I would recommend that I have been running on an old 133mhz laptop I found at home, here they are:

    Slackware ( that distro amazes me )
    Damnsmall linux (aka DSL)

    on both of these I am running fluxbox because, well I like it and it doesnt take up many resources.

    So here it is, look here if you have an old laptop, hope this helps.


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    Does damn small come with shorewall?

    is it packaged based or no?

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    Another couple of related points:
    Damn Small wants a reasonable amount of RAM. The site includes instructions on how to install it if you don't have a working CD drive, but it isn't easy.

    Slackware is particularly amazing in that they go out of their way to provide work-arounds for all occasions. I installed their version 8.1 with the 2.4 kernel on a 486DX with 20Mb RAM I don't have a GUI on that system, but Slackware says it's do-able. A minimal kernel can work with 8Mb and less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy1701
    Does damn small come with shorewall?

    is it packaged based or no?

    i dont know what shorewall is, but yes it is package based, although it doesnt use rpm's.
    it has its own feature called MyDSL which you can click and load programs like openoffice aMSN and loads of other stuff.
    it will install to hdd or you can run it off cd/usb/zip whatever, ive currently got my old omnibook (233hz 64mb ram) running really nicely with firefox and open office plus amsn off the hdd, and its a dam sight quicker than win2k
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