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    SuSE 9.2+centrino (weird...wlan)

    I installed Suse 9.2 Pro yesterday. First time, I configure my wireless card (centrino) with YaST, try kwifimanager, total time: 5 mins, and I'm connected to a wlan network!

    I then reboot (graphics card settings), and there's nothing I can do... No way to connect to wlan... Thinking I messed up something in my settings, I reinstall the whole thing (which takes 90 mins, BTW), and there I have it: wireless internet...

    I turn off my laptop. This morning, at home (same network), I turn it on, and no way to connect to the network! Turn it off, and when I get to school, it works! There, I messed up something with my partitions, so I reinstalled, and no way to connect yet again. Same at home. I reinstalled once again, and it doesn't work.

    Now, this is driving me nuts! It is NOT a network problem, as I can connect when I'm using windows. The card is definately active and recognized, picks up netowrks but won't connect for some reason. Kwifimanager says "Out of Range", and doesn't do anything else.The wireless network applet says my noise level is 100%, which can't be good. I configured it in YaSt too many times to remember, trying ESSID ""; "WLAN" (the name of the network; "any"... It doesn't work. Is there any way to force the connection?

    What should I do? I was so happy I had wireless, and it's gone! BTW, server is DHCP...

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    *feels stupid*
    There is a light that indicates if the card is on... well, the light is always on with suse...But the card isn't... So, after 5 installations, I hit the button by mistake, and saw it worked...
    Yeah, I'm such a n00b

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