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    Hard disk cries when shutting down my laptop

    Hi folks!

    I am very new to linux. I have SuSE 9.1 personal installed in my laptop: a Pentium 3 800 MHz DataPrince Xclusive. Linux works just fine and there is no major problems except this one: When selecting "Logout" and then "shutdown" SuSE shuts down the machine in a very hard way making the hard disc do an awful noise. The noise is similar to the one that happens when a sudden energy cutdown occurs. WinXP was much softer in this aspect, like shuting down smoothly and parking the hard disc appropriately. Well, I am afraid that something can go wrong with the hard disc in this way. Do you have a clue about this?



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    Could be an issue with HP's implementation of ACPI.

    Could you take a look and see what "version" of ACPI your system conforms to?

    This should be located in the documentation that came with the system, or on the HP website.

    Due to my own personal experience with HP, odds are your system implements a non-standard ACPI implementation in order to make your life difficult if you try to tinker around with your system's OS.

    If this is the case, you could modify your shutdown procedures to add a time delay between the point that it unmounts your HD and shutdown. I can go into this in more detail as I get more information.

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    Hi projectle, thanks for your answer !

    Why you think that DataPrince has something to do with HP? DataPrince is a computer store here in Sweden. They put their brand into this machine and others, but I do not know which is the original hardware factory. I will send them an e-mail.

    Well, I will follow your advice and investigate this with the ACPI, but it will take some time because I am fairly unexperienced. I got this computer from my supervisor. No manuals and WinXP. I installed Linux after trying it on a separate partition, then took WinXP out.

    I will come back with this later.



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    Dear All,

    I have the same problem on my Dell D610 notebook. When shutting down the system, I hear some noise (like you hear when holding power button to shut down system).

    I am using Ubuntu Breezy and under win xp this does not occur. I will also appreciate if anyone can discribe me how to set up the time delay between unmounting hard drive and shutting it down.

    Thank you for any help.

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    I have the same problem with an Dell Inspiron. Common guys any one know anything about this? At least if this is a problem or not. Can this affect the HDD in the long term? Scartie did u find any information on this till now? Did u fixed it by now?

    Please guys a little help. Apreciate it!

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    new system solved this problem


    I have been running the Ubuntu Breezy on my laptop with dual booth, because I feared of the hard disk demage (rebooting the machine to win xp and then shutting it down was the only solution for me). Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Dapper Drake on the same machine and my hard disk stoped crying I found out this normally happens to my Toshiba disk, but swithcing to newer linux kernel and distro solved this issue.

    I hope you this helps..


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    Scartie thanks very much for the reply m8! I will download and install Ubuntu 6.06 right now! Hope it will help me also!

    Thanks again,


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    Is it working for you, Aiu?

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    Yeah m8 thks for the help. It does. But it seams the OS spins down the hard drive all the time during normal operation now... Maybe this is why it doesn't cry anymore at shutdown but who knows if this is really better...

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    Yeah, I have encountered the same... but this happens only during running my machine on battery power ... try to configure the laptop-mode as well.. I guess this causes the laptop-mode - spinning down the hard drive to ensure more battery capacity.

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