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    Purchasing a Laptop

    Right now I am looking for a low cost machine with no OS on it. The size it not an issue (I am perfectly satisfied with a small 800 X 600) nor is the weight. I pretty much jsut want to run linux on it and use it for all of my internet activities and coding. Also need several ports for special periferals. Need Wi-Fi.
    Any recommendations on where I could find a machine to those specifications for <$1000 (preferably lower than $500) Not looking for a super computer, just something fast enough so that I can quickly get everything I need done.


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    I would definitely give eBay a tr if you don't mind buying second hand, they usually have some good deals, or look at toshiba, we have 2 at home and they have been going for years now

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    cheap laptops

    My 2nd computer at home was purchased as a used laptop. (.com is their US site) is where I bought mine, and I've been quite happy with it. Battery life on at least this model dropped to about 1 hour after 12mths, but that's not OS specific and not atypical for Li-Ion batteries. Check for replacement battery cost, if running on battery only is important to you.


    Here's the link on my hardware and installation:

    And for Linux on laptops in general:

    Also, I happened to notice that there's a great deal on an Acer Laptop at the following site right now, I don't know about it's Linux compatability though:

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