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    Mouse Right Click on a Powerbook?

    Is there any way to get a 'right-click' function working within Linux on a PowerBook G4 (or any other Mac that has only one mouse button not sure if that applies to all or not)?
    I'm currently using Ubuntu for PPC with a view to installing Gentoo when I get time and used Yellow Dog previously, but I haven't yet found an option to let me set this up.
    Within Mac OSX you activate by holding CTRL and clicking which works adequately enough for me.

    Obviously there's pbbuttonsd to help activate certain powerbook function-buttons (volume, eject etc) is there anything similar for the mouse?
    Incidentally, within pbbuttonsd is there a way to make the backlit keyboard buttons work? I have limited internet access so getting the time to check for online documentation etc is difficult at the minute, if it's located there.

    Thanks for your help


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    i dont have one myself, but I thought that some of the F Keys were linked to middle and right click, keys beyond the F12 of normal PCs

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