Problem with ACPI for Acer Laptops 1680 series (1681WLCi) DEFINITIVELY RESOLVED

In the past week I have worked a lot to try to resolve some problems regarding the use of the Power Management on my laptop. Thanks to google I find a lot of useful information but I was unable to find a real definitive solution for this kind of laptop.
The problem are:
1- This kind of laptops doesn't support APM (Advanced Power Management) but only ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
2- Today many company build their BIOS only supporting Microsoft OS, so they are incompatible with some standard used by every other OS
3- I can't find anything in the directories /proc/acpi/ac_adapter and /proc/acpi/battery so I was unable to see the status of my battery and I can't implement the functionality of ACPI on my system
4- The DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) resulted to be bugged, I had to correct it
5- There is a missing ECDT (Embedded Control Description Table) on my system so I have had to patch the kernel to resolve this problem
6- Acer Laptops uses a so called Smart Batteries System that has a different way to work

You can find an exaustive guide to resolve this problem at this link:

The problem is resolved on my Acer Aspire 1981Wlmi with SuSe 9.3 but I think this method is applicable to all the Acer Laptop with other Linux distributions too.