I need installation help!
I am trying to install MDK 10 for PPC on an old Powerbook 3400C.
Specs: Mac OS 8.6, 144Mb Ram, 200MHz PowerPC 603ev processor, 2Gb HD, CT 65550 Videochip.
I finally - after a lot of trials and tribulations - managed to get BootX to get the installation going with a lot of restarts needed. After about the 5th time it seemed to install eveything I want EXEPT 1 thing. There is no place on the disk for Gnome or KDE, so I selected "other windowmanagers" which I think include IceWM - that is OK with me....Anyway, as the install is chugging it's way along, we finally get to the point of configuring the video. BIG PROBLEM!
The setup recognizes the CT 65550, but when I test the video it gives an error message - whatever resolution or how many colors I choose.
In other words, how do I configure X11 so that I can start using this machine?