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    AMD Athlon 64 book keeps stalling

    Oddly enough, my laptop will just stop. It will stop and stall there and just stay there with the screen on as it was before. This happens with all distros I have tried. (even windows stalls) This stalling is erratic and unpredictable.

    The computer will not accept ANYTHING from standard input, but will continue carrying out commands that had started executing before the stall. I noticed that when I tried Debian-like systems, that this was printed on standard output just before the stall.
    APIC error on CPU0

    Is my CPU damaged somewhere, and this is the cause of all the failures?

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    that is an acpi problem so i sugest uninstalling the acpi module or recompiling without it or the part of it that you fitd to be the problem
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    How about heat issues, has the box been getting pretty hot? This is partially related to the last post. I once had a DellGX150 that would start dragging for ages, then get some response back. Kept getting worse and worse, then I found out the fan on the PSU was gone, internal temperature was hot enough to melt an IDE cable. That's pretty hot.

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    That doesn't look at all like an ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power management Interface) problem to me. It looks like an APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) problem.

    If the system fails to recognize your APIC, I honestly have no idea what's wrong, except it very much seems as though there would be something wrong with your CPU. As bigtomrodney says, check so that it isn't just a heat issue. If that's not it, I would suggest trying the change the CPU (even though I know Athlon64s are very expensive, but maybe you can get it on warranty?).
    It could be the motherboard as well, though. I doubt it, but it's not impossible.

    Doesn't it say anything except just "APIC error on CPU0"? It should at least output two hexadecimal numbers after that.

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