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Thread: PCMCIA problem

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    PCMCIA problem


    I have a problem getting PCMCIA to automatically start up my network card when it's plugged in.

    The situation:
    I have a SMC2835W PCMCIA network card, set up using prism54 driver ( I have wireless tools, pcmcia-cs, and other packages installed. After a few hours of figuring out, most things work fine. After plugging in I see from dmesg that the modules are loaded, ifconfig sees a new device "eth1", iwconfig recognizes it as a wireless card, and the networking works fine with ifconfig (and ifup/ifdown after setting /etc/network/interfaces).

    However, I've been trying to set it so that whenever I plug in the card, the network card will start automatically. From the PCMCIA Howto page I see that it's "supposed" to run the /etc/pcmcia/network script after assigning it the device eth1, and that /etc/pcmcia/network.opts is suppose to be scripts that I can change to start the network card (in Debian's case, the default script runs ifup). However, the /etc/pcmcia/network script doesn't seem to run!?!?!

    Anyone know what's going on?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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    what distro?
    you may need hotplugging the pkg.
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    Hi loft,

    I'm using Debian (sid). I do have hotplug installed, and it's basically the program that's responsible for uploading the firmware to the card everytime the card is inserted. Come to think of it, I can probably find documentation that lets hotplug run scripts to "ifup" the device.

    I'm still puzzle at why the PCMCIA scripts "/etc/pcmcia/network" is not run... Have I configured my pcmcia-cs package incorrectly?


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    Nevermind, problem resolved.

    I searched some more and turns out pcmcia-cs package is deprecated in Debian... Hotplugging completely replaces it in cases of 32-bit Cardbus cards. The only reason I needed it was because pcmcia-cs loaded the yenta_socket module for me and it is yenta_socket that detected my card and triggered hotplug to upload the firmware.

    I removed pcmcia-cs completely and just put yenta_socket in /etc/modules. Everything works now. Thanks.


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    wireless adapter

    hi all,
    i have dell laptop running on FC4. I'm new to Linux and i was hoping someone will help me out with the configuration of my netgear wireless adapter card. i downloaded the configuration scripts from Atheros(Netger's chipset manufacturers) and have installed its drivers. but i cant ping the wireless Router though the pcmcia (ath0) is active n it canscan the router.

    any advice to make my wireless card working!

    thanks in advance.


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