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    Linux DVD Player

    I fly alot and my laptop doesn't get very good battery life. Usually it runs out of battery power 5 or 10 minutes before a 2 hour movie ends.

    What I'm looking for is a distribution of linux that would function as just a media player. Basically something that is optimized as dvd player without any unnecessary functions that take up battery life.

    Also, it would have to play nice with windows xp and be able to doolboot. I'm sure there is somebody somewhere that decided to code a distribution that does this. I can't be the only one in the world who needed something like this.

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    I understand Blag is really intensive into multi-media. There is a distro called MoviX that is doing the movie/audio visual thing as well. You might want to check these out.
    Most any distro will dual boot with Windows, you just have to set up your boot loader to do it. Blag is based on Fedora so dual booting shouldn't be a problem, unless the Blag you're using is based on Fedora Core 2, in which case, dual booting with XP can present real headaches...

    EDIT: Another option would be to go into "Failsafe" mode from kdm/gdm which only brings up a terminal. From there, you can run just the DVD from your favourite media player, effectively bypassing a Windows manager/desktop environment that would use additional resources.
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    Unless you use Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, or Linux from Scratch to build your own DVD player-only Linux system (without a desktop or any other frills), you're unlikely to find such a Linux distro already in existence.

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    This may be the Distro you're looking for as a DVD Player.
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