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    acpi battery/daemon problems

    Greetings. I'm running Gentoo 2005.0 on an Acer Aspire 5002, and I am having strange problems with ACPI. First off, it thinks I don't have a battery. This isn't so bad, since it still runs and charges normally, but I can't see the battery charge level or anything like that. My second problem is with klaptopdaemon as provided by the kdeutils-3.4.1 package. The file /usr/kde/3.4/bin/klaptop_acpi_helper (and possibly others) is missing. Kpackage tells me that it is provided by kdeutils and is installed. But it's not. Is there another way to make this work right? I've enabled the ACPI use flag, by the way.

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    [same problem - different distro]

    not really specifc to your distro, but i had MISERABLE problems getting ACPI to work on slack10.1 on any of my laptops...ended up causing (not only problems w/ the battery) but also problems with the AC sense, LCD display, sound (which is still unresolved) and the removable ZIP disk bay. I ditched ACPI (on a fluke - which was funny to do because my laptop was in an ACPI matrix i saw, and stated it was compliant) and all of a sudden everything started to work...except the sound.

    APM still gave me functionality w/ the powersaving stuff, albeit a little bit limited in functionality, but it worked.
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    Time for a little progress update. It still thinks there's no battery. It says something like
    ACPI: found battery slot (foo) (battery absent)
    right when it starts to boot. By doing a lot of emerging and unmerging I got klaptop_acpi_helper to exist, though I'm not sure exactly how. Suspend-to-ram, which is all I really want or need as far as sleep states, sort of works. It just shows a black screen when it restores . It seems as though I'm actually fairly lucky with ACPI working out of the box.

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