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Thread: Which distro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aysiu
    Quote Originally Posted by sdousley
    i tend to reccoment SuSE for beginners, purely for YaST.
    Surely not with a KDE desktop, though, if the OP is using 128 MB of RAM...
    i probably wouldn't reccomend KDE, but then, since i moved to gentoo from SuSE, i wouldn't recommend KDE WHATEVER computer u got

    On gentoo, i use Fluxbox, and have grown to love it. even to the point of installing it on my SuSE install manually cos it wasn't in YaST.

    The reason i would reccommend suSE is MAINLY based on the YaST application though. for beginners, it's GREAT (IMO) since it simplifies a lot of configuration stuff. the ONE thing i think it lacks though is an FTP server setup.
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    SuSE works great on my laptop. I was able to get my microsoft wireless networking adapter to work very quickly. After installing SuSE on my laptop...I ditched mandrake 10.0 on my main box in favour of SuSE.

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    128megs of RAM is enough for KDE, but this is highly dependant on the distribution. My HTPC is a 616mhz Pentium III with 128megs of RAM. I use KDE on it. Mozilla Firefox opens up in maybe a dozen seconds; once loaded it is very responsive.

    The linux distribution I use is Debian Stable, which starts off with a relatively lean and mean KDE setup. From there, there are a few KDE optimizations which can improve speed significantly.
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    Why is it that some people just don't understand? Just google. Asking questions like these in the forums just get repetitive and annoying And most of the time they are answered millions on times already in the forums. That is why God invented the search tool.

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    Q: Is it more or less annoying than resurrecting 4 month old threads? :P

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