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Thread: Immunix 7

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    Immunix 7

    Sadly as this seems, I have to keep a windows partition on my hard disk. I installed Immunix 7.0 on a small partition on my laptop and one of the package choices was "DOS/Winodws Connectivity" so i clicked yes. Immunix screwed up so i deleted the partitions with cfdisk/fdisk, but, when i go to boot windows it boots Immunix even though it doesnt exist anymore.

    (I know it doesnt exist, I checked all of my hard drive partitions with knoppix)

    Can you help?

    - Justin

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    if windows still exists and you don't have another linux installation that you can use to add it to either grub or lilo, just pop in your xp cd and go to the command prompt, err...I am actually starting to forget some ms terminology , and type
    . This will restore the ms bootloader, which boots only windows.
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    thanks ill try that

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    is there a way to do it from linux?

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    i really don't think you want linux to do anyhting to another OS...they tend not to like it.
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    Yep ... My XP Cd is just the OEM that comes with a dell. I cant pull up the Command Prompt

    - Justin

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