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Thread: Acer Aspire

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    Today i downloaded and installed SuSE 10 instead of the server 9 i was trying to use. And everything seems to be working perfectly (although i havent tried to get wireless up yet).

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    i know that slamd64, debian, and slackware will support the Acer Aspire 5002WLMi's display out of the box, *note, when booting debian or slamd64 installs, set the vga attribute as follows or your screen will look funky *won't be able stosee parts of it* vga=798 , the X resolution for this laptop should be set too 1280x800, it uses the SiS 760GX for its graphics, and generic LCD for its display... hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master of Reality
    Does anyone know anything about the specs of an Acer Aspire 5002 laptop monitor? I've been searcing around the net to figure out how to get my graphics to work under SuSE server with not much luck. X will just lock everything up after a few seconds and i believe its the lack of monitor specs (the sis driver is supposed to cover my graphics which is SiSM760X). Now, i did install SuSE graphically just fine, so i should hope that their is some way to get X to work.

    All i could get from acer website is that its 15.4" WXGA Crystal Brite, 1280 x 800 x 16.7 million colors. But don't i need the frequency rates and such to put in XF86Config?
    I too have an Acer 5002WLMI. I used every package of linux I could get my hands on including a server/enterprise edition from work. Nothing would work with the graphics card. Kept giving me the top 1" of screen on bottom while shifting the rest up... That is until I got SuSE 10.1 downloaded. It installed in the graphical interface mode perfectly. The only problem I have had is the wireless. I have not gotten the time to install and configure NDISwrapper. So it is my fault so far on the wireless. Everything else works perfect though.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Good luck all.


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