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    Which linux to install on ACER

    1. I have an Acer Travelmate 2312 notebook. i am having problems while installing SuSE 9.3 said... no harddisk detected.!!
    also on a similar laptop(my fiend's) FC4 gave some problem with installation of grub and a grub command line and a cursor comes after u boot.

    2. please advise a linux which will not give these kind of problems.
    also please note that a cd-rw/dvd combo and wifi card shud work on linux.

    3. Is Debian problem-free on notebooks?

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    When I installed FC4, I had to use the 'linux expert' at the installer boot prompt for it identify my USB hard disk, you may be having similar issues, maybe with a SATA internal connection or summat like that.
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    You can try an ubuntu live cd. I have it on 3 laptops, an Acer, a HP and even on an Apple G4.

    Works great.

    I always take a live cd first and try it out. If something doesn't work on the live cd, then it won't work ( or you have to go to a lot of troubles.) If it works I get the install cd and install. If you are a fan of KDE there is also Kubunutu. Ubuntu uses Gnome and looks a lot like redhat/fedora.

    The last version of Knoppix should also be nice (4.0 DVD) I didn't try it on a laptop.

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