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    Dell laptop difficulties!

    I just recently did a Dual Boot with FC2 and Win Xp on a Dell Latitude C610, and it worked fine for a while till i decided to update it.

    After installing the 118 updates or so, the laptop just shutdown and refused to work again.
    The laptop now acts as if its there is no power running through the thing battery doesn't even charge while off, and no response at all when power button is hit.

    I used a second Latitude C610 and plugged its HD into the dead laptop and still no response.

    So i plugged the Dual-Boot HD into the Second laptop, and it booted but only for a time, after saying that it had closed prematurely it had to do recovery so once it finished that and i was at login screen the keyboard was unresponsive, so i figured i had to reboot.

    Upon execution of the shutdown segment of rebooting Laptop #2 refused to start up again and proceeded to assume the dead state of Laptop #1.

    This is my first time messing with Linux Dual-Boots on Laptops, and its killin me already!
    Has anyone suffered from a similar problem? Solutions?? Anyone?

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    sounds like a hardware problem, possibly hard drive failing, try a livecd e.g. knopppix, to see if it works and for any file reccovery

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