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    linux on a custom car computer

    Not really a Laptop but wasn't sure where else to put these questions... I am getting ready to buy one of the custom car computers on, I am not going to have them put XP on it and I am going to put a version of linux on it, which on eI am not sure of yet. But my question is and hopefully it isn't one of those laugh types b/c I haven't put linux on a system before like this. But would everything I hook it up to hardware wise be compatable? The car stereo, touchscreen monitor and whatever else I may want to hook it up. Would anyone here see any future problems with something like that. Also (I know this question could go under software but...) is there any good GPS software/hardware I could put on it? special video cards I may need for mulitpul monitors but only one touch screen? Any other suggestions would be nice before I spend buck-O-bucks on this and find I should have bought Windows like some of my friends say.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You would need an easy distro, such as opensuse, or maybe kanotix, or xandros. There are touchscreen drivers available from sourceforge, so look there . Good luck.

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    I found this fascinating:

    It mentions an 'off-the-shelf embedded Linux distribution from iMedia.' Dunno much about that, but Google might be able to help...
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    Well, you can always check out this page. I'm not sure if it's a full distro or just a car PC app. (I haven't looked into it much.) If it's the latter, I'd go with a small and light distro, like iMedia.

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