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    I have run many different distro's on my laptop and i have to say Linspire 5.0.59 is the best choice. You put the disk in... install it... and there you go you have all the stuff you'll ever need, plus there is no spending hours after you have installed it configuring it. Plus if you really are lazy for $20 a year you can use CNR which gives you access to every piece of software you could want and a quick one click install.

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    heh 2.5 years ago my first install was on a 700mhz lappie and that was fun, now everything works so much better rite off the bat though dial up modems can still be a *****if a lin modem
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    I've reciently upgraded my laptop from mandriva 2005LE to 2006 and WOW, it's fantastic. My laptop isn't exactly what could be considered top of the line and it runs like a champ with Linux. It started life as a Windows machine and it was an absolute nightmare to get anything to work on the first try. Because of how well my laptop runs, I've actually converted a few friends to the linux world.
    I had a friend ask for a bit of help with something on their XP box, and I actually had to think for a bit to remember how to fix it. I guess that means I'm no longer a newcomer to the linux community. Fight the software monopolies and bring back the sense of community that used to surround the computer world!

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